About GoodReports

Do you constantly feel like you’re constantly fighting a losing battle with QuickBooks?

Are you struggling every time you try to get data out, finding yourself messing with CSV’s and settling for a report that doesn’t quite have what you need and took far too long to prepare?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

With over 45 years of combined experience as CFO’s and consultants, we’ve seen a lot of bad data and frustrating processes. We’ve helped solve real business problems with integrity in a professional, transparent way.

Meet The Team

Chad Chang

Chad has 10 years of Quickbooks experience in many different settings, from construction, to manufacturing, and to retail. Having worked in senior director capacity for several owner-operators he understands critical data needs for max efficiency.

Outside of the office he enjoys golf, skiing, and exploring new events with his family in and around Burnaby, BC.

Matthew Wong

Matt has over 12 years experience leading finance teams from manufacturing, wholesale, and retail. As both a pragmatist and technologist, Matt defaults to technology to improve efficiency but is practical to design simple solutions when necessary.

Outside of Advisory, Matt loves running and spending time with his family in beautiful Richmond, BC.

Victor Lai
Chief Technologist

After six years in the corporate world, Victor immersed himself in tech and marketing. His experience since at a startup, web agency, and for the past 13 years, as a consultant and CDAP Digital Advisor helping businesses use technology to work better. He’s the in-house Excel and SEO expert and is well versed in all things web. 

When he’s not automating systems, he can be found hiking in BC’s backcountry or in town teaching AcroYoga and movement.

A collaboration between PurposeCPA and Good Picnic Consulting, GoodReports was created to fill a void in local bespoke accounting software reporting services. We’ve witnessed behind-the-scenes what sets some businesses apart from others, so we’ve combined forces to share what we’ve learned and help businesses run better.

Book a consultation or email us and see how we can help you get your accounting software working for you.

We’re proudly located in Vancouver on the west coast of beautiful British Columbia.