Asset and Employee Performance Tracking at an HVAC Firm


The Problem

Every week, a management report showing new and current job progress was manually created by a staff member. This involved copy and pasting data from a construction management system into an Excel template, then rearranging to management’s spec. It was a frustrating repetitive task and often resulted in errors copying and pasting the exported data.

A second issue was a scattered monthly review process for employee performance and pay raises. Collecting the data from multiple sources and building a coherent report took the better part of the day. In addition, there was no cohesive vacation, time off, or scheduling system for employees; everything was tracked manually, usually on paper.

The Business

Mid-Sized HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and A/C) Construction Company based in Vancouver, BC.

The Solution

Working with the accounting management team, GoodReports created a custom Excel VBA macro to pull data directly from the specialized dispatching system, Servicom. A process that took three hours a week was now done in three minutes. 


For employee performance tracking, we evaluated several systems and working closely with management, chose BambooHR, a modern online SAAS (software-as-a-service) human resource information system (HRIS) system. GoodReports moved the data from many different sources and guided the data cleanup process. 
With strategic messaging and change management principles, the system was delivered on time and well received by employees. The new system allowed the company to track their employee trainings and company assets, and also became a central hub to organize the company’s important events, contacts and dates. 
The modern interface enabled reports like the employee performance measurement report to be generated in seconds, relieving a lot of frustration and helping the company keep their workers up-to-date on certifications and safety trainings. BambooHR’s built-in email notifications were setup to send employees and HR reminders when trainings and certifications were expiring.