Custom QuickBooks Reports
  • Visual indicators to spot trends
  • Specify your KPI's in a dashboard
  • Styled to match your branding
  • Custom Excel Charts
  • Custom date ranges
  • Side-by-side comparisons
  • Dynamic charts by sales region
  • Interactive Pivot Tables
  • Use slicers to drill down
  • Spin the data with one click
  • Breakdowns by month or region
  • QuickBooks Custom Reporting

    When you just need an Excel flat file

    Automate Pivot Table creation instead of manually loading Quickbooks’ default CSV export each time you are looking to do further analysis. Avoid Quickbooks’ default formatting and get just the data you need, quickly.

    When Quickbooks' Customize Report feature is not enough

    Quickbooks’ built-in “Customize Report” feature is a good start for built-in reports, but sometimes you want what QB doesn’t offer, or an associate is in a different report. We can build that for you using the fields and hierarchy you define.

    quickbooks by expense code
    custom excel dashboards quickbooks

    Connect to Quickbooks data in real time

    You’re limited by Quickbooks’ processing power and having to call up various reports (even if you memorized them) is time consuming. What if you could tap into the SQL database to grab only the data fields you want?

    A dashboard without breaking the bank

    When the built-in graphical reports in Quickbooks is not enough. You want more of your KPI’s in one panel or there are KPI’s it doesn’t calculate for you.
    custom excel dashboards quickbooks

    Sample Custom Quickbooks Reports

    Profit and Loss YTD Comparison

    Go beyond QuickBook’s standard reporting and compare performance by year over year for time periods you define – YTD, up to the last month, and over several years – automatically.

    Reports by Class

    P&L reports by class allow you to keep an eye on each segment of your business. Get P&L, expenses, transactions and balances by class or groups of classes.

    Report by Expense Category

    Get expenses by category, exclude categories and customers or expense codes.

    Report by Job Type

    Report all jobs by customer, jobs in a specific date range, jobs by class and Profit & Loss by job, job creation date, or any other field you define.